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 Blueberry Liqueur | Kejžar

Blueberry Liqueur

Blueberry Liqueur is a sweet fruit based liqueur whose taste of blueberries will linger in your mouth long after it went down your throat. It's best enjoyed chilled as an aperitif or as an after dinner drink, but with some imagination you can create amazing cocktails with it and even use it for making deserts.

Blueberry liqueur is made naturally from fruit with no artificial additives. The liqueur base is made of apples, pears and plums to which we later add fresh woodland grown blueberries mixed with sugar to create the right taste, colour and sweetness. A cup (100ml) of fresh blueberries is added into each 700ml bottle. All of the fruit is bio-grown and the blueberries are completely organic.

The packaging itself is very unique; the 700ml content bottle is specifically made at Steklarna (glassworks) Hrastnik in Slovenia and is patented to the Kejzar brand. The bottles are corked and waxed which gives them an additional homemade feel.
We suggest you keep it in the fridge for that lovely chilled taste and shake the bottle before you use, to release the blueberries from the bottom. Once opened, it will keep due to the 26% alcohol content.